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  • 10 Most Important RF Tests
  • 101 RF Test Engineering Secrets

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  • Over 2+ hours of video tutorials
  • More than 30 software applications
  • All the basic & advanced math important to test and production engineers
  • Testing Secrets for Linear and Non Linear amplifiers, mixers & oscillators
  • All the basic and advanced modulation schemes
  • Overcoming tester limitations
  • How to test important wireless protocols

RF/Wireless Production Testing Manual(100+PAGES):

  • Step-by-step to becoming a top RF/Wireless engineer
  • Secrets every test engineer wants to know
  • Simple yet easy to understand and implement RF matching techniques
  • How to achieve the lowest Cost of Test and fastest time to market
  • Maximizing your tester resources
  • Much much more including RF SOC trends and how to position yourself to win
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“I took a course 3 / 4 years ago. It was non-productive, to theoretical and it didn’t help me achieve my goals. This class emphasized hands-on with real applications. In a matter of days I learned critical skills that I’ve been seeking for years.”

Jake Walker

“After Learning Wireless Production Testing I was able to immediately apply what I learned to dramatically reduce the Cost of Test and Time-to-Market of wireless production test solutions”

Kevin Anderson

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